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Grantwriting Guide (PDF)

Sample text for Facilitating and Implementing Online Professional Development program (HTML | Word)

Sample text for Online Course Design and Delivery program (HTML | Word)

Over the past two years I have completed 40 hours through online courses and the only ones that provided meaningful discussion were the two courses taken through ETLO. Being from a rural area, having such great online dialogue takes away the loneliness and isolation.

Mary Dora Smith, Wise County Virginia

Funding and Grants

As you prepare a proposal for funding, you will undoubtedly need to include information that describes the ETLO program in detail. We have prepared sample text that can be used to fill in more detail for a proposal you are working on and/or prompt you about information that your district needs to consider as you apply for funding.

Regardless of whether you've been writing grants for years or you're venturing into the world of RFPs for the very first time, the EdTech Leaders Online Grantwriting Guide can offer guidance for crafting a proposal specific to the ETLO programs and can help clarify the role and format of each proposal component. As you learn more about your colleagues' successful proposals, you may also find their tips and tricks helpful in securing your own funding, grant-based or otherwise.

Sample Grant Proposal Text

Facilitating and Implementing Online Professional Development (HTML | Word)
This document provides sample text for a grant proposal to fund the Facilitating and Implementing Online Professional Development program or to fund a combined two-year sequence that includes both programs.

Online Course Design and Delivery (HTML | Word)
This document provides sample text for a grant proposal to fund the Online Course Design and Delivery program. It can also serve as a reference for preparing a proposal for both programs.

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act allocates a significant amount of federal funding for educational technology through competitive grants and formula or entitlement funds. (See Title II, Part D: Enhancing Education Through Technology Program.) State departments of education oversee the competitive grants, and 25% of funds distributed through the program must go towards professional development for teachers and administrators. Thus, NCLB funds can be an important source of funding for the EdTech Leaders Online programs.

Official No Child Left Behind Website
Fastest way to find the facts and to read the latest NCLB news.

U.S. Department of Education NCLB Information
Read the full text of the NCLB Act to better understand its implications. This site also contains a list of current grant competitions.

Technology Briefs for NCLB Planners
Designed by NEIRTEC (Northeast and the Islands Regional Technology in Education Consortium), these technology briefs can help direct local efforts to fund EdTech projects as educators apply for NCLB grants.

Transforming Federal Funding for Education
This site from Apple Computer explores the major provisions of the NCLB Act and includes a summary of recent research in the ed tech field.

Online Resources

The Foundation Center: Finding Funders
The Foundation Center's online directory includes listings for corporate grantmakers, charities, and community and private foundations. The Center also has a variety of other resources including online training programs and guides to help you learn to conduct research and write an effective proposal.

McREL: Funding Resources for Technology in Education
McREL (Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning), a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving education through applied research and development, maintains a listing of funders for projects dealing with technology in education.

eSchool News Online Funding Directory
The eSchool News Funding Directory contains regularly updated information about current and ongoing grant opportunities and RFPs specifically targeted for technology in education as well as a comprehensive list of past funders of this type of work.

U.S. Department of Education Grants & Contracts Site
The Grants & Contracts section of the U.S. Department of Education's official site provides information on a number of federal funding opportunities for technology in education. You may need to hunt to find exactly what you're looking for, but the site includes information about the Star Schools Program, National Science Foundation programs, Department of Energy programs, and others.