Thank you again for wonderful workshops that are making a difference in the lives of teachers and ultimately, our students!

Cheri Grant, Hamilton County Schools, Chattanooga, TN

Online Workshop Licensing

EdTech Leaders Online (ETLO) offers a series of high-quality online professional development workshops for K-12 teachers and administrators focused on specific subject areas and grade levels. This collection of workshops is available for licensing in your local online programs. These standards-based, project-based workshops are developed and kept up-to-date by leading experts in educational technology. They are designed using the Blackboard course authoring system, and are available for export into local Blackboard or other compatible course management systems, to be facilitated by trained online facilitators from local educational organizations.

Each workshop includes six sessions and an overview to learning in the online environment. Each session contains online readings, multimedia resources, interactive activities, and focused asynchronous discussions. All course content is provided online in the workshop website.

ETLO's online workshops are designed to be run in Blackboard, or your local compatible course management system. A local technical contact from your organization is required for receiving and importing the licensed workshops into your course management system.

ETLO also offers online facilitator training to prepare your organization to deliver and implement online professional development workshops.