Support from the ETLO program has been great; I have never felt alone once. Feedback on my course design has been outstanding. From this experience I truly know what it means to have support when you are taking an online class.

Joyce Carter, Blue Ridge West Consortium (VA)

Online Course Design and Delivery

The Online Course Design and Delivery program is designed for K-12 school districts, state departments of education, regional educational service providers, colleges and universities, and other organizations that provide professional development for teachers and administrators.

This program enables your organization to train online course designers who can develop online courses to meet your needs and integrate these courses into your ongoing professional development programs.

The four components of the program are as follows:

Online Course Design and Delivery Specialist Training

This program includes Online Course Design and Delivery, a semester-long online training course which prepares teams of participants to be Online Course Design and Delivery Specialists who design and deliver online courses for local teachers and/or administrators. The ten session online course includes online readings, web-based activities, facilitated online discussions, and specific training to develop an online course for your organization. Graduate credit is available for participants in this course.

Run Online Courses

After completing the training course, your organization's Online Course Design and Delivery Specialists are eligible to deliver the online courses they designed, with ongoing support from ETLO staff. ETLO provides the web hosting and workshop delivery software, through a partnership with Blackboard, Inc. Courses can also be exported and run in your organization’s compatible course management system.

Professional Development Planning

Throughout the ETLO program, ETLO staff provide consultation to help you make effective use of the program and successfully incorporate online courses into your professional development program. For example, online courses are most effective when combined with in-person workshops, hands-on trainings, coaching, study groups, and/or other instructional and professional development activities. ETLO also helps you address issues such as recruiting participants, providing incentives and/or graduate credit, course scheduling and program management and evaluation.

Ongoing Support and Forum

ETLO offers a national online support Forum for your Online Course Design and Delivery Specialists to discuss and share strategies, challenges, and resources with other trained course design specialists and ETLO staff.

The online forum addresses general issues in online course design and educational technology, as well as specific issues related to running online courses for teachers and/or administrators. It provides a place to share ideas, questions, and reflections with online course designers from throughout the country and as a source of rapid answers to questions. In addition, the Forum provides a growing collection of resources, such as course content and evaluation materials.

Additional direct support and consultation are also provided by ETLO staff throughout the course delivery process.