Part 1: Find Out About the Projects' Goals
  1. Look at the graph "Goal ($)."
    1. Write:
      • What were the projects' goals for raising money?
      • What is the range of the goals?
      • What is the variation in goals?
    1. Discuss:
      • What do you notice about the shape of the data?
  1. Add the mean and median to your graph.
    1. Graph:
      • Click on the ruler to the right of the graph and select Show Measure Labels and Mean and Median under Measures of Center.
    1. Write:
      • What is the mean goal? (Hint: Mean is the blue line.)
      • What is the median goal? (Hint: Median is the red line.)
    1. Discuss:
      • How do the mean and median compare?
      • What does the difference between the mean and the median tell us about the goals that projects set? (Hint: remember the mean is the average of all of the project's goals. The median is the middle amount when all the goals are sorted from smallest to largest.)